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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


The Down is a tough place to travel through Layers and layers of abandoned construction projects, rampant flooding, and psychopaths are just part of the issues.

The heroes of Cascade 2099 experience three distinct problems as they sally forth

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December 28, 2020

Cascade 2099 - Diving Down

Our heroes are requested to go find a missing person. The trail leads underneath the city, and surely the Down is even worse than it was back in modern age...

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December 12, 2020

Cascade 2099 - Diving In

Since Cyberpunk is the rage today, we explore a very loosely defined cyberpunk setting, in the interest of seeing whether the group would like to expand on it.

In a mysterious event, the world's legacy of superheroes have all vanished, leaving the Earth as mundane and normal as it has ever been. However, superhuman things still occur in the future. Earth's first interplanetary war occurred, with a psychic alien race that are slang referred to as the Grey. Earth's countries were fragmented by the assault, but the A.I. development by numerous high-level companies supplied robotic forces to help supplement and eventually turn the tide of the Grey war.

Then those sapient robots had their own rebellion that was barely put down.  Now three races live in a city, full of megacorps, specist tensions, and an ever-weakening city government.

Into this city on the brink, new faces arrive.  ((Much love to Base Raiders, XCOM, and Overwatch for certain historical elements))

16 - A robot melee expert from Japan that's obsessed with proper advertisement schemes
Saint Luke - A small time doctor whose past as a military corporate elite urges him to do more
Agent Martinez - Last agent of SHIELD, who cannot explain why he didn't disappear like all the rest. (Bionics/Secret Operative)
Hound - A superhuman investigator with an uncanny read on people
Arn Swartz (Watchman) - Super soldier. Former corporate type of the Redguard, had a crisis of conscience.

The linked video for how life is, is below.


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The end of our three part adventure with the Black Cats.

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I unfortunately was unable to play in this game, so the adventures of Duncan McAllister will be picked up later. Suffice to say though, the Black Cats soldiered on!

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Playing on Discord generally means a bit less length of each episode, however it still is a great time.

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Our first Discord episode since the respite! Please excuse any Discord issues, we had a lot, but things have rapidly improved!

The Black Cat Society investigates a strange situation at an auction house that ends up with them meeting some very sketchy characters!

Prof. Cole - Kingsman Spy (Secret Operative)
Duncan McAllister - WW1 veteran (Enchanted Object)
Bernard Sean - IRA member, good with explosives and a nasty right hook (Natural Genius)

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Another short one shot event in Heroes Unlimited, done before the respite.

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The finale and wrap up of Monster Hunter

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Part three of four of Monster Hunter

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