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An Actual Play Podcast devoted to Palladium Books® RPG games.


Part Two of the Beyond the Supernatural game, ran by Dan.

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Dan runs us through another Black Cat Society game, set in early WW2 England!

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Black Sheep Squadron's most difficult challenge continues. When confronted with a long-standing problem, will the squadron rise up against the elephant in the room?

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June 3, 2019

Robotech - Loyalty

Black Sheep Squadron gets put to a test that threatens to break it apart as the motley crew attempts to deal with the insurrection at Mars...

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A short review of the film, and what may be extrapolated for gaming.

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The second half of Wise Decisions, ran by Matt Burch.

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With an unidentified, but potentially dangerous chemical in their hands, the vigilantes of Cascade have drawn some unfortunate attention. What happens when the street-level heroes attract the gaze of the city's most powerful crime organizers, the Arbiters?

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April 27, 2019

Cascade - Hunted Pt 2

The second half of 'Hunted', where the characters realize how a life of vigilantism really messes with your home life...

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April 16, 2019

Cascade - Hunted


Why do I always get drug into everything at the wrong time?


Matt Burch takes the helm of Cascade to deal with the aftermath of Manik. There's a Marsh in flames, a crashed semi, and a very confused Kelly Sharpe. What's not to like?

OH right, we still got that plot device that needs settled.

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The vigilantes of Cascade face off with the force of nature known as Manik, whose footprints in the city have long been felt. But what hope do our heroes have when their foe is truly superhuman, and has a hair trigger?

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